With the growth in the retail sector and subsequent construction of Malls focus has fallen on the lack of skills and trained professionals in the construction industry.  Needless to say tenants are annoyed when their shops are not ready for BO, or if it is not constructed to specifications.  With the appointment of APMI you will have peace of mind that BO requirements and specifications for each tenant will be studied and adhered to, drawings issued for construction cross-checked against specifications, queries resolved and specialist information will be issued timeously, resulting in cost savings with regards to penalties.


  • Attend meetings with tenant, principal architects and retail tenant co-ordinator during discussions to determine scope of works.

  • Attend meetings with above to finalize and agree upon tenant layouts.

  • Tenant co-ordinator to be informed off full SOW and fixtures to be provided re: electrical and mechanical installations by relevant consultants.

  • Prepare schedules re: info received and required on 2 weekly basis.


  • Attend meetings with sub-contractors once a week to set target dates, enquire about info required and monitor progress.

  • Obtain/enquire re : outstanding info from relevant consultants and issue/report back to contractor and sub-contractors.

  • Attend meetings with designated foremen once a week to discuss pressing issues & monitor progress.

  • Prepare schedules re : info received/required and progress on weekly basis.

  • Check drawings with requirements in specifications and clarify discrepancies.

  • Check that building work conforms to requirements in specifications and drawings.


  • Assist principal agent with preparation of completion/snag lists to achieve BO excl. electrical & mechanical.

  • Assist principal agent & retail tenant co-ordinator with pre-BO inspections.

  • Assist principal agent & retail tenant co-ordinator with BO inspections and BO shop handovers.

  • Assist principal agent and tenants with compiling of BO snag lists and monitor the de-snagging there off.